Jeff Jordan
President/Owner/Service Writer
Jeff grew up at Able Auto and learned a great deal of what he knows about the industry and running a small business from his father, Roy Jordan. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from Oklahoma State University, Jeff spent four years as a design engineer for Caterpillar, Inc. A love of water and the desire to raise his son, Ethan, near family brought Jeff and his wife, Angela, back to the east coast in 2004. They added to the family in 2006 with a son, Tyler. Jeff would be the first to admit that it was an easy decision, but one of the most challenging of his life. To keep up with trends and the ever-changing automotive industry, Jeff and his staff regularly attend automotive classes and conventions. He is active in many automotive forums and technical sites. Jeff enjoys fishing, RC Car racing, kayaking, and spending time with his family.

Sandra Jordan
Chief Financial Officer
Sandra is the glue that holds the shop together. She began working at Able Auto in 1987 when her husband, Roy, bought partial ownership. While there are a thousand and one things that Sandra does on a daily basis, she stays busy meticulously managing all the finances, ordering parts and speaking with customers. It's not much like work when your customers are your friends. Sandra spends her free time with her husband, Roy, enjoying her three grandchildren, Rebecca, Ethan and Tyler.

Roy Jordan
Roy began his automotive career working on the family poultry farm repairing farm equipment. With a gift for all things mechanical, he went to work for a local Chevy dealership and quickly rose to the top. He then started his own successful repair facility in North Carolina before moving to Virginia Beach to get involved with Able Auto Service. He and Sandra help build Able Auto to be what it is today--a place where your vehicle is taken care of with your best interest in mind. With over 30 year of experience operating a small business, Roy pops in and out of the shop giving advice when needed. He spends his free time working hard on other family-owned businesses, racing his RC cars, and enjoying his wife and family.

David Weimer
ASE Certified Master Technician
David's career with Able Auto began in 1995. He is one of the most caring and giving people we've ever met. David is a master fabricator and welder, often making his own specialty tools, when needed. If it needs to be "Weimerized", he can do it. Other than fixing anything and everything in his neighborhood during his time off, he enjoys going to the shooting range, and spending time with his family.

Ryan Cooper
ASE Certified Master Technician
Ryan began working for Able Auto in 1999. Ryan has a thirst for the tough diagnostic challenges. When it comes to watching sensors or monitoring engine systems with the scope or engine analyzer, Ryan will be recording waveforms and comparing good and bad sensor signals, storing them away for future reference, or participating in the sharing of documented waveforms through iATN (Automotive Technician's Network). When Ryan isn't repairing vehicles, he enjoys riding his Harley, skiing, and spending time with his family.

Patrick Banzer
ASE Certified Technician

Angela Jordan
Angela has a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Management Information Systems with minors in Management and Spanish. She spent four years working for State Farm Insurance as a Systems Analyst before moving to Virginia Beach with her husband, Jeff, in 2004. She is now a stay-at-home-mom to two wonderful kids, Ethan and Tyler, but enjoys programming so much that she jumped at the opportunity to help create the Able Auto website. Angela also takes care of many of the less glamorous tasks at the shop like cleaning and painting. In her spare time, she enjoys jogging, kayaking, scrapbooking and geocaching with her family.